Founded Der-Yuh Machinery Works Co., Ltd., the first all-steel made tire mold factory in Taiwan. The plant was originally set at Guai-Suei St. Dai-Ton District Taipei, and used approximately 260 square feet and 40 employees.


Moved to Sung - San Industrial Park , increasing the plant space to 1800 sq . ft . The number of employees also increased up to 60. Manufactured piece-type casting of patterned blocks, tube molds, and bladder molds.


Under Mr. Hsiau's leadership, Der-Yuh's R&D team launched a second plant, Der-Yuh Rubber Co., Ltd. in Nei-Hu Taipei. Manufactured aluminum tread ring and molds apply to tire manufacturers.


Successfully developed an aluminum casting method for tire mold production, replacing the old patterned block casting method. Der-Yuh won Quality Product awards from tire manufacturers in Taiwan, and other Asian countries.


The company expands by acquiring Central Machinery Co., Ltd. in Din-Kang industrial park San-Chung Taipei. The acquisition gives the company 3500 square feet of the land, and increases the number of employees to 75.


To increase the quality of products and services, Der-Yuh replaces conventional mold production with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software systems and CNC 2 axis and 3 axis automatic machining.


Der-Yuh begins accepting internships with Ku-Bao Technical Institute.


Won The Best Contribution Award from Bridgestone Taiwan.


Der - Yuh's R&D team visit America , Germany and Japan to gain new insights in automated machining . Helps transform the company to a new level of operations in 4axis engraving,5axis milling and CAD /CAM software systems.


Work closely with a Japanese firm in developing high speed 4 axis engraving machine. Automated production lines are installed.


Introduced EUKLID 5 axis CAD/CAM software system,and imported DECKEL MAHO's 5 axis milling machine DMU60P from Germany. Produce the first segment mold successfully.


Invested in impellers and pistons for heavy duty motor vehicles.


Imported 2nd high speed 4 axis engraving machine EGT-1400 from Janpan.


Independently develop EUKLID tire module CSR Subroutine plug-in。


Imported 3rd high speed 4 axis engraving machine EGT-1400 from Janpan.


Won The Best Contribution Award from Federal Tire Corporation Taiwan. Produce ventless mini mold successfully.


Imported 2nd DECKEL MAHO's 5 axis milling machine DMU60T from Germany.


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