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-------------------The Mold Making Technology of Der-Yuh Machinery Works Co., Ltd.


--Tire making requires the utilization of tire molds of different shapes and creative styles, as well as such essentials as designs, dimensions and factory equipment to create tires for various applications, including those used in high-speed, rugged, frozen or snow-covered roads, and those employed by airplanes and power-assisted bicycles, etc. Tire mold making is a type of manufacturing technology that needs the integration of excellent mechanical processing technology, as well as skillful and precision techniques. The tire molds produced by Der-Yuh Machinery Works, which possesses the world-class cutting edge technical standards, have been famed as “the work of arts with functionality” regardless of precision and functions. The magnificent manufacturing achievements have won utmost appreciation and trust from world-renowned big tire manufacturers.

--The tires made by tire molds from Der-Yuh Machinery Works have run the streets and small lanes, as well as highways all over the globe, not to mention those used in natural environment that has to subject to extreme climatic changes or the race tracks that must endure harsh conditions.


Manufacturing Process of Tire Molds



  -- The first among the tire mold industry to introduce 3D CAD/CAM software system. Utilization long-term accumulated know-how, we are capable of achieving specific intentional functions in response to immediate need of designs.

<5-Axis Mold Processing Machines>

  -- In accordance with the characteristic of rubber, the raw material of tires, we are capable of creating minor undercut mold patterns. This kind of particular processing domain requires the utilization of five-axis milling machine and ingenuity constructive mold processing technique simultaneously in order to further improve the quality of the sophisticated tire molds.
  <Sipe Processing >
  -- The creation of common fine gutters of studless tires, for example, only requires the insertion of metal blades into the mold to yield very accurate and precise conversion and formation. We pursue perfection precision of every piece of thousands of metal blades to ease meeting the need of different gutter designs.
  -- Low-pressure casting is the core precision plaster casting method originally adopted by Der-Yuh Machinery Works, capable of producing different kinds of high precision and high quality (i.e., with no casting flaw) tire molds of diameter 300~1500mm. In addition, Der-Yuh Machinery Works has conquered the manufacturing bottleneck to process the excellent abrasion-resistant aluminum material AC7A by low-pressure casting method that has generally been claimed difficult to accomplish. They have won customer satisfaction as far as the service life of the molds is concerned. 。
  <Lathe Processing>
  -- We possess the processing skills to control a processing error rate of within 0.05 for molds of diameter 1000mm. With help from a framework of high-performance machinery group, we have steadily and specifically fulfilled the concept of developing custom-made products.
  <4-Axis Text Engraving >
  -- The tread section (the section in contact with road surface) is the appearance of tires. But, never forget that the side portion of the tires is also the appearance too. In order to present the complex patterns, we are employing the most advanced processing machinery successively to meet customer requirements for a diversification of precision patterns.
  <Various Tire Mold Making and Design Supports>
  -- The integrated cumulative technology results, from the beginning of 3D CAD designing of main mold processing to the making of fine gutters, designing of precision plaster casting, and high-performance MC processing of ontology models, etc., are all done in-house under a stringent quality control system as to accomplish the world’s topnotch tire mold standards. In addition, through long years of actual accumulated performances in tire mold production, we are also capable of providing customers with casting design supports in the coordination of using the tire vulcanizing machines.

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