Advanced Technology I
Prerequisite Quality

---Der-Yuh Machinery Works is aware that in the building and maintenance of a safe society, molding even a single automobile tire is an indispensable element that cannot afford imperfection. We acknowledge this responsibility by applying the utmost care and precision accuracy to each tire we make. Every product that leaves our factories embodies this precept.

---Technology honed to an art becomes an asset only when backed by decades of solid experience. Products manufactured in an environment where even the slightest defect is impermissible cannot but earn the respect of customers in markets throughout the world. Der-Yuh insists on the highest level of workman-ship in all aspects of its production. Enhanced by leading-edge design and produ-ction facilities, this peerless workmanship enables us to respond accurately and speedily to society’s ever changing needs. Our quality standards mean that we can never be satisfied with our achievements, in the areas of technology, produ-ction, or business performance, Der-Yuh is ceaselessly searching for ways to enh-ance every aspect of its operations.

Advanced Technology II
Infusion of Power

---The flow of time precedes uninterrupted, ever-changing, ever-advancing into the future. Yesterday’s leading-edge technology is taken for granted today. And there is yet another high-speed technological revolution taking place at this very moment. Long employed computer-control to automate their production system and to as they occur and providing automated, high-quality production.

---Our Machining Center employs a full array of NC Machine Tools, supported by CAD/CAM and DNC network systems. This powerful combination reinforces our quality control and injects energy into the active assimilation of every technolo-gical improvement.

---At Der-Yuh, tireless energy and enthusiasm is devoted to making products of ever-superior quality, to answer the continuously advancing needs of a steel-driven society.

The Right Kind of Control
Advanced Production System

---A highly-refined production system focusing on quality and precision demands an agile and attentive control system to ensure continuous smooth operation. Der-Yuh Machinery Works unsurpassed technology coupled with the centralized control of its Special Works Section create the perfect combination fo “skill plus means” to enable the realization of a truly advanced production system.

---Integrated manufacturing operations that emphasize the balanced manage-ment of product quality, manufacturing processes, and cost provide a pipeline from our Production Section directly to our customers. Unhindered communication with our customers is a top priority and results in the accurate and prompt conv-eyance to our Production Section of customer desires concerning specifications of future products. After determining market needs, our top-rate technicians make the new product plans a reality, injecting their skill and zeal with the kind of con-fidence that is born only from a history of success.

---Der-Yuh craftsmanship breaths in every product we make, challenging prece-dent and reconfirming our standard of success.


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