---Following the worldwide trend of rapidly developing automobile industry, our company is endeavoring continuous study for the quality improvement of mold manufacturing with our 50 years int-ended minds.

---Needless to saying molds of vehicle tires all of our staff memb-ers and employees are enthusiastically making efforts for the su-pply of good quality products with the spirits of thorough techni-cian to the extent of installation of industrial machineries for the rubber product plants under the foundation of ample experiences from design to installation.

---We solicit your redoubled patronage and assistance to our company.

Working as a Team
Cohesive, Powerful, Response

---Throughout the five decades of stead growth since our foun-ding, we have maintained a clear awareness of the valuable niche our company fulfills in society. Der-Yuh, a precision instruments manufacturer and member of our team, also up-holds the firm commitment to comprehensive product development that has given the Der-Yuh name the well-earned reputation of being in the industry.

---Der-Yuh combines our incomparable technological know-how with their creativity and unique experience to manufacture pro-ducts of outstanding reputation. Sticklers for quality, determined to continually surpass previous successes, Der-Yuh bolsters the capacity of the Der-Yuh name to provide superior products.

---In this way, the Der-Yuh name is imbued with the power and the will to respond accurately and promptly to the continually evolving needs of the global market.

The Right Kind of Control
Advanced Production System

---A highly-refined production system focusing on quality and pre-cision demands an agile and attentive control system to ensure continuous smooth operation. Der-Yuh Machinery Works unsur-passed technology coupled with the centralized control of its Spe-cial Works Section create the perfect combination fo “skill plus me-ans” to enable the realization of a truly advanced production sys-tem.

---Integrated manufacturing operations that emphasize the bala-nced management of product quality, manufacturing processes, and cost provide a pipeline from our Production Section directly to our customers. Unhindered communication with our customers is a top priority and results in the accurate and prompt conveyance to our Production Section of customer desires concerning specifica-tions of future products. After determining market needs, our top-rate technicians make the new product plans a reality, injecting their skill and zeal with the kind of confidence that is born only from a history of success.

---Der-Yuh craftsmanship breaths in every product we make, challenging precedent and reconfirming our standard of success.


Mission Statement

We will deliver quality tyre molds and molded products through our high standards in engineering, design and manufacturing.

Why You Should Do Business With Us?

Our customers always come first. We are dedicated to helping our customers with all of their molding needs. Customers can have confidence in our experience and abilities. They can count on our high standards and on-time delivery.



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